Before you start

How to use this resource

About this resource 

This resource is about supporting people with disability to be involved in the decisions about their Behaviour Support Plans.

It is designed for families, friends and anyone who is involved in direct support to people who have or may be having a Behaviour Support Plan.

This resource can be used also by people who have an interest in supported decision-making and Behaviour Support.

How to use this resource

There are 10 topics in this resource. The first 3 topics are about supported decision making in general. 

The remaining topics will focus on supported decision making in Behaviour Support.  

The topics are designed to be read in the order they are presented but you can also jump in and out of each topic as needed.  

When you have completed all the topics in this resource you will:

  • Understand what you can do to be a good decision supporter.
  • Understand the decisions a person can make in their Behaviour Support Plans.
  • Be able to support someone to make decisions about their Behaviour Support Plan.

What if I’m a support worker?

Support workers (paid supporters) provide direct support to a person with disability. As a supporter worker, all the topics in this resource are relevant to you, and there are a few additional considerations that would be helpful for your role. You can find out more on the page: What if I’m a support worker?

Resource for people with disability

You will find easy read information under the section I’m here as a person with disability. It is designed specifically for people with a Behaviour Support Plan. The easy read resource provides similar information to this resource but in less detail.

People with Behaviour Support Plans can read the easy read material on their own or with support from someone.

When you support someone to go through the easy read information, ask them how they would like the information given to them. For example:

  • look at the website on a laptop instead of a smartphone or tablet
  • print the information using the Print Page button.