What are the decisions in Behaviour Support?

The four decisions in Behaviour Support

There are four big decisions in Behaviour Support that the person you support will be involved in. These decisions are:

  1. Who should be in my Behaviour Support team?
  2. What information should people have about me?
  3. What will help me live a good life?
  4. Do I want to change my plan?

The Behaviour Support Practitioner will explain these decisions to the person and work with the person to find out what they want to choose.

The supporter role

Your role as the supporter is to work with the practitioner to:

  • make sure the person has the information they need to make a decision
  • make sure they have the information in a way they can understand it
  • help the person to communicate what they want to the practitioner
  • help them to make the decision happen.

In the following sections we will go through each of the decisions in more detail and explain how you can support the person to make decisions about their behaviour support.

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