Support worker case study

Case study: Lauren’s story This resource is accompanied by a case study which provides a practical example of the resources in-action. In this case study you are going to learn about the experience of supporting decision-making with Lauren. This story is told from the perspective of Alissa, Lauren’s support worker. Your task

What if I’m a support worker?

Where do I find support to provide good practice? Support workers (paid supporters) provide direct support to a person with disability. Supporting a person’s decision-making as part of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is complex and sometimes difficult work. This page tells you where you can find the support you need to do this well. The behaviour… Continue reading What if I’m a support worker?


What is supported decision making? Supported decision making means to give someone the help they need to make more of their own decisions.Supported making is based on the following ideas: When you support someone to make a decision you: What is positive behaviour support? Why should people be involved in decisions about their behaviour support?… Continue reading Summary

FAQ and problem solving

Select each of the questions below to find answers to frequently asked questions in Behaviour Support.

Supporting decisions: 2. What information should people have about me?

Decision 2: What information should people have about me? The practitioner will need to collect information from the people involved in the Behaviour Support team. This information is collected to help the practitioner get a good understanding of the person and their life. They will collect information about:     The practitioner will want to know more… Continue reading Supporting decisions: 2. What information should people have about me?