8. What are my rights if I have a guardian

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If you have a guardian you still have the right to be part of decisions.

A guardian helping a person fill a form.

A guardian is someone who makes some decisions for you.

A guardian sitting and talking with a person with disability.

Your guardian should talk to you about

  • what you want
  • what is important to you
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Your guardian should help you live a good life.

A man leaning on his hand and looking sad

Your guardian might sometimes make decisions you are not happy with.
They may do this to keep you healthy and safe.

A guardian comforting an upset person.

You can get help if you are not happy about

  • what your guardian is doing
  • what your guardian has decided
A man speaking through a megaphone.

You can get help from an advocate.
An advocate is a person who helps you to speak up for your rights.

Two people arguing behind a third person.

They cannot make decisions for you.

Two male friends supporting each other.

They are on your side.

Two female friends

An advocate might be

  • a friend
  • family
  • support worker
A female with arms open as if asking where.

If you do not have an advocate there are services that can help you.