7. Do I want to change my plan

In this video Laura talks about how you can change your behaviour support plan.

An unhappy person doing a thumbs down and holding a clip board with a cross.

You can ask for your Behaviour Support Plan to be changed if it is not helping you.
You can tell your support people that it is not helping you.

A practitioner meeting with a person with disability.

Your practitioner should meet with you and your support people to talk about

  • What is not working
  • What needs to change

It is important your support people understand how you feel.

A person comforting another person who is upset

Speaking up about how you feel can be hard.

A person with a speech bubble

You might find it hard to speak up because

  • You have never spoken up before
  • People have not listened to you in the past
  • You feel worried about what will happen
  • You do not know who to speak to
Four confident and happy African American people

Some things that can help you to speak up are

  • Speak to someone you trust
  • Know more about your rights
  • Practice what you want to say
  • Talk to your friends

In this video Sidharth and Luke speak up about what worked and what didn’t in their behaviour support plans.

CID Feelings card deck

These cards can help you speak up about how you feel.
You can share these with your supporters.

Here is a workbook to help you decide if you want to change your behaviour support plan.

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