2. My right to make decisions

Four disabled people smiling.

Everyone has the right to make decisions about their life.

A person thinking of big decisions and small decisions

This includes people with disability.

Male pointing to viewer, standing in front of a picture of four question marks

You have the right to be part of the big and small decisions about your life.

A father and daughter sitting down talking.

You have the right to speak up about

  • What you want
  • What you like
  • How you feel

People should listen to you.

I had to decide what to do when I left school.

Mum and I visited different programs together.
I chose to spend a day at a work skills program.
I really liked it because I could learn a lot of things
and my friends were also going. I told mum that was the program I wanted to choose.


Is there a decision you would like to make now? You can write down your decision on this worksheet.

Portrait of Lily