1. What is a decision

Watch this video where Casey and Reece talk about making choices and decisions.


My name is Lily.

I have a Behaviour Support Plan.

I want to talk to you about making decisions.

Portrait of Lily
A girl pointing at a picture of a sandwich to show what she wants.

A decision is when you need to choose between 2 or more things.

Another word for decision is choice.

A list showing the seven days of the week

We all make decisions and choices every day.

A person thinking of two options shown by two thought bubbles

You should stop and think before you make a decision.

Big decisions and small decisions

A person thinking of big decisions and small decisions

Decisions can be big or small.

A list showing the seven days of the week

Small decisions are decisions you make every day.

A man choosing between two pieces of clothing.

Some small decisions might be

  • What you eat for breakfast
  • What you wear
  • What TV shows you watch
  • What music you listen to
An older lady with a big effect graphic behind her.

Big decisions are decisions that might change your life.

Some big decisions are

  • Choosing what to do to after high school
  • Being in a relationship
  • Going on a holiday
  • Choosing where to live
A father and daughter sitting down talking.

You should talk with people you trust before making a big decision

Think about what happened in your day today.
Did you make any decisions?

You can see the decisions I make on the worksheet.
You can write down your decisions too.

Portrait of Lily