3. Getting support to make decisions about your Behaviour Support Plan

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You have the right to have a say in decisions about your Behaviour Support Plan.

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Your practitioner and your supporters will talk to you about what decisions need to be made.

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They will give you information in a way that you can understand.

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They will help you speak up about what you want.

When I need to make a decision my supporter needs to give me the information in words and pictures.


You can fill out this worksheet about how you like information given to you.

And how to tell people things.

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Decisions you can make about your Behaviour Support Plan

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There are 4 big decisions to make about your Behaviour Support Plan.

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These decisions are

  1. Who should be in my Behaviour Support team
  2. What information should people have about me
  3. What will help me live a good life
  4. Do I want to change my plan