4. Who should be in my Behaviour Support team

In this video Laura speaks about deciding who is in your behaviour support team.

Team of support workers with person with disability in the center

Your practitioner will ask you who you want in your Behaviour Support team.
The people in your team should know you and support you.

Happy family in a house

This could be the people you live with like your family or your support workers.

A female doctor

It could also be people who support you at work and in the community.
This might be your doctor or occupational therapist.

A suppoter helping a disabled person

When you decide who you want in your Behaviour Support team you can think about

  • Who supports and helps you
  • Who knows you well
  • Who knows what you like and what you do not like
A support worker and a person pointing at one profile on a wall of profile pictures.

Your practitioner and your supporters can help you decide this.

In this video Sidharth and Luke talk about who they chose for their behaviour support team.

I decide who I want in my Behaviour Support team.
When you decide who is on your team you can write it down on this worksheet.

Portrait of Lily