2. How can Behaviour Support help me

A notebook with My Plan written on the cover.

Your Behaviour Support Plan is made just for you.
It helps you to live a good life.

A man laughing

A good life means doing things that are important to you and make you happy.

A happy group of five people

It involves you and people who know you well.

two happy people walking side by side.

It helps your supporters understand

  • The things you find hard
  • The things you are not happy with
  • How to support you better

Your Behaviour Support Practitioner

A social worker writing on a clip board.

Your Behaviour Support Practitioner is the person who writes your plan
We say practitioner for short.

A supporter sitting down and speaking with a boy.

Their job is to talk to you and your supporters to find out 

  • What you find hard 
  • What you are not happy with 
  • What you need to live a good life
Two friends speaking

A supporter can be a

  • Family member
  • Friend
  • Support worker
A supporter helping a person to make plan on a notepad

Your practitioner will help you and your supporters make a plan about how to make things better.

A professional woman checking a clipboard

They will write down the plan.
Everyone must follow the plan.

A happy group of five people

The practitioner will teach your supporters how to best support you.

Two people standing in front of a plan and shaking hands.

The practitioner will check with you and your supporters to see if the plan is helping you.

If it is not helping you the practitioner will change the plan.