5. What information should people have about me

In this video Laura talks about how you have the right to choose what information people have about you.

Male pointing to viewer, standing in front of a picture of four question marks

You have the right to be part of the decision about what information people get about you.

A supporter helping a person to make plan on a notepad

Your practitioner will want to get information about

  • Your health and medical history
  • What you do during the week
  • What you like and do not like
  • How you like to be supported
A supporter sitting down and speaking with a boy.

This information will help your practitioner understand you better.

A happy group of people standing together.

Your practitioner will talk to you about

  • What information they want to get
  • Who they want to talk to
A boy pointing two hands at the viewer with four question marks behind him.

Your practitioner and your supporters can help you decide what information you would like to share.

A person in a wheelchair holding a notepad with a cross on it.

You can tell your practitioner if you have information you do not want to share.

In this video Sidharth and Luke talk about what information they choose to share with other people.

Here is a worksheet to help you decide what information people can get about you.

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