6. What will help me live a good life

In this video Laura talks about what it means for her to live a good life.

A notebook with My Plan written on the cover.

Your Behaviour Support Plan can help you live a good life.

A man laughing

We all need the same things to help us live a good life.

Two friends playing video games together.

Some of these things are

  • Getting good support
  • Having friends and family
  • Staying healthy and feeling safe
  • Having a good home
  • Doing things that you like
  • Learning new things
  • Being in the community with everyone else
A female riding a bike

Your Behaviour Support practitioner will talk to you about

  • Things you like doing
  • Things that are important to you
  • People who are important to you
A supporter helping a person choose between house and apartment.

Your practitioner and your supporters can help you decide what will help you live a good life.

A man leaning on his hand and looking sad

It is hard to live a good life when people do not understand how to support you.

Two people deciding together and pointing at a board.

Your practitioner will help you decide how you want to be supported.

A happy group of five people

They will ask you what your supporters can do to help you live a good life.

In this video Luke and Sidharth talk about what they do to live a good life.

I decide how I will live a good life.


My Behaviour Support Practitioner and supporters help me decide.


You can use this workbook to help you decide what will help you live a good life.

Portrait of Lily